Hustle, VA

HUSTLE is a provocative tale of a family raised in Hustle, Virginia. It's a small town full of dirt roads, fast-talking men, and people going nowhere fast. Told through the lens of Hamilton and Clara, HUSTLE is the unfolding of a lifetime of childhood dreams built on the shoulders of a generation.

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Reader Reviews

“What a great read! From page one "Hustle" drew me in to not only the rich characters, but it seemed to catch the very essence of the time and the places. When they would walk to town, I was there... When the sisters were at the bar, so was I. I truly enjoyed this work and couldn't wait to unfold the events that Nikki Fortune told page by page.... It left me wanting more, immediately. I need to see the movie.”

Tinisha O'chelle Walker - The Voice of beauty

Hustle is a riveting novel that catches the readers attention immediately and leaves you never wanting it to end. The excitement and mystery makes you want to keep reading, turning the pages eagerly wanting to find out what’s going to happen to the Fortune girls in the next chapter. It’s hard to believe this is the first novel written by Nikki for she writes where the reader can vividly visualize as if it is a movie flashing on the big screen.  This is a must read and will be on this summers best sellers list immediately after its launch date in June.  At the end of the book Nikki gives you a sneak peek of the continuation of this saga introducing the next generation.  Powerful!

Michael A. Jefferson, Humanities Professor

“Sipped my tea, clutched my pearls, and waited with baited breath for the next turn of the page.  Can’t wait for Still Hustling.  Excellent read!”

Shannon Skipper-Green - Speak Beautiful Creative Group


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